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Finding the right company for home services of any kind can be stressful. Thankfully, you’ve found an honest and reliable company to handle all of your air conditoning and heating needs in the Las Vegas Valley!

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Save big with Nv energy powershift

DNA Air partners with NV Energy customers in southern Nevada that are replacing or upgrading their central air conditioning equipment. DNA can assist you in getting an instant discount provided by NV Energy . When you install high-efficiency equipment you reduce your energy use and save money, all while making your home more comfortable.

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Hvac tips

Vacuum indoor vents and keep vents unblocked

You can vacuum dust and any debris away from indoor supply vents to help maintain steady airflow from your system. Also, keep items like blinds, furniture and toys away from blocking the vents.

Increase your thermostat

Typically, adjusting temperatures 5 – 8 degrees (down in winter, up in summer) can help save money and energy. With a programmable thermostat, you can automatically adjust the temperature for different times of the day or during times you are going to be away from home for several hours.

Insulate any exposed ductwork

Make sure ductwork that runs through an unconditioned space is properly sealed so it doesn’t leak any of your conditioned air. You can fix visual leaks with a specialized duct-sealing tape that is UL 181-rated, but be sure a professional also checks the ductwork during your next scheduled maintenance visit. It’s also recommend that your ductwork be insulated using the proper thickness duct insulating material.